Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators

Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators speed the inclusion of your transaction in a block.Bitcoin transactions are taking longer and costing more than ever due to increased load on the network but Bitcoin transaction accelerators may be able to help. Unfortunately there is no sign of this increased load letting up. Typically it takes a high fee to be included in the next block because transactions bid against each other for top places in the mempool. Transaction accelerators are services which fast-track your transaction into the next block regardless of the fee paid. There are few operating transaction accelerators. A popular transaction accelerator is run by ViaBTC. You will need to be very quick and submit your transaction exactly as the hour changes (within a second or two) to get into the ViaBTC transaction pool since they only allow 100 accelerated transactions per hour. Members can receive free acceleration credits by buying their cloud-mining service or by mining Bitcoin at their pool. Another transaction accelerator exists at Antpool but may be broken. Another transaction accelerator operating as a paid service is confirmed to be a scam that merely utilizes the two aforementioned free acceleration services after you pay.