Hashflare.io Minimum Withdrawal Issues

Hashflare.io LogoHashflare.io is refusing to pay out customers below 0.05 BTC because of “unconfirmed transactions”. This is highly suspect since they were charging 0.0007 BTC for withdrawals until recently which is enough to eventually get into a block. The Bitcoin network is indeed congested but Hashflare.io is being disingenuous by suggesting that fees are too high to withdraw. If Hashflare adds a selectable fee paid by their users then there should be no problem with withdrawing Bitcoin. Recently they began refusing withdrawals below 0.2 BTC then they lowered it to 0.05 BTC using the excuse in the image below. Cloud mining is not usually a good idea any way but I highly recommend you stay away from Hashflare.io before they become a full-blown scam.


Hashflare withdrawals are becoming more difficult.

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