Easy GPU Mining with MinerGate

Cryptocurrency is mined with ASICs and GPUs.GPU mining with an out-of-the-box solution such as NiceHash or MinerGate is the easiest way to get into cryptocurrency mining. Prior to the recent hack NiceHash was a great solution for easy cryptocurrency mining but since they are down while they fix their systems we now recommend MinerGate. You can obtain the same run-and-done functionality from MinerGate with few caveats.

The primary difference between the two services is the payout cryptocurrency. NiceHash would pay out directly in Bitcoin while MinerGate pays out in the cryptocurrencies that you mine. The only issue this presents is a need for an exchange to convert the cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin. If you want to keep your cryptocurrencies in a diverse portfolio then you might not mind this. We recommend Binance as an exchange due to its broad range of offered cryptocurrencies. Its free to open an account and a great altcoin exchange.

MinerGate also offers Cloud Mining solutions but since you must pay in cryptocurrencies we do not recommend using their cloud mining services. Rule #2 of our cloud mining tips article suggests that you do not buy hashrate with cryptocurrency (paying in cryptocurrency to mine cryptocurrency can be a mistake- pay with fiat). Be aware that during installation your anti-virus or anti-malware software will give you a warning but this is due to the fact you are installing mining software and some newer malware mines cryptocurrency for its owners. MinerGate is generally regarded as safe to install within the cryptocurrency community.

Join the MinerGate Discord chat here. Visit this site for information on minimum withdraw amounts. Click “read more” to see a screenshot of the dashboard.

MinerGate dashboard with real time merge mining statistics.
An example of the MinerGate dashboard which provides real-time stats on your mining.

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