Cryptocurrency Jargon

Cryptocurrency trading has unique terms and jargon. Here you can find definitions for cryptocurrency slang.

  1. Hodl / Hodling– “Hodl” is a misspelling of hold. It usually implies that the investor does better riding an upward trend than day trading or taking quick profits from an upward trend. Link to Original Thread @
    Example: “I’m hodl on BTC, LTC, ETH.”
    More enthusiastic example: “Hodl Bitcoin while we wait for it to moon.”
  2. FOMO is an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out.
    Example: “Don’t give into FOMO by buying NEO at $42 USD, wait for it to dip again!”
  3. FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It is a common term to describe propaganda designed to sow fear and shake weak hands from the market.
    Example: “A lot of FUD surrounded Bitcoin’s future when the Segwit2x fork plan was canceled.”
  4. Weak hands – People who will not hodl. Investors who sell when negative information becomes publicly available or negative market conditions manifest themselves.
    Cryptocurrency traders who are likely to flee for the safety of fiat when adverse information comes out.
    Example: “The negative news shook a lot of weak hands out of the market and allowed us to buy the dip.”
  5. Moon – Verb: A huge increase in value. The theoretical peak of a cryptocurrencies value. From “going to the moon” or going high up.
    Example: “Does $8200 per Bitcoin indicate that it has mooned or can it go higher?”
  6. Lambos – Obnoxious over-enthusiastic cryptocurrency investors, usually young, often discuss their future “Lambos”. Its a metaphor for tremendous success that would provide a lot of profit, enough to buy a Lamborghini. Sometimes sarcastic.
    Example: “The Confido investors thought they would be buying Lambos by now but unfortunately for the cryptocurrency community Confido was a scam.”
    “If I had bought Bitcoin at $13.50 I’d be buying you all Lambo’s by now.”
  7. DYOR – acronym for “Do Your Own Research”.
  8. ATH – acronym for “All Time High”.
  9. ICO – acronym for “Initial Coin Offer”, a play on “Initial Public Offer”. Risky investment in pre-mined cryptocurrencies fall under ICO.
  10. Altcoin – Any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin.
  11. Fiat – Traditional “paper” currency issued by governments. Can apply to any of the traditional government issued Monopoly money. Examples: USD, CHF, GBP, EUR, JPY, CNY, etc.
  12. POS – Usually refers to Proof-Of-Stake.
  13. POW – Proof-Of-Work
  14. Shill – Someone who is only interested in pushing a narrative. Someone engaged in spreading FUD.
  15. Whale – A large investor. Often implies the capability to make a large impact (“splash”) in a market.
  16. Holding bags – Refers to being stuck with a lot of a losing coin. Bagholders are people who bought in too high right before the price dropped.
  17. DYODD – Do Your Own Due Diligence