BITCOINTALK: Reinvents Itself As A High Quality Discussion Board

BitcoinTalk: A Previously Okay Forum, Now Far Better

Reinvention of Bitcointalk? The former home of the most intense fear, uncertainty, and doubt campaigns has brought some sensibility to itself in the cryptocurrency world. Long a boiling cauldron of insecurity and self-righteous scamming (as well as legitimate attempts at rationality) now has become a bastion of hope. I am only being semi-sarcastic. Observe: “Low Quality Topics Do Not Belong Here”, what a shocker!

BitcoinTalk has been there for years!

I am glad that Bitcointalk has elevated itself to the rightful position I felt it deserved to occupy for some time now. I think it is the biggest Bitcoin forum on the internet but it has also been in the past a source of discouragement to the community. A sense of duty has descended upon the community however and I feel it is now a worthwhile source to mention.

I won’t lie, when I first encountered the website I was discouraged for the community and for the world but I hope through diligent moderation they can salvage their tumultuous past for a glowing future. I don’t mean to “diss” what they have provided in the past, after all whose fault is FUD? It is the uncertainty of the mass. The idea that this is too good to be true was a pervasive feeling. The lack of experience of the posters and paid contributors was palpable, and in many cases Bitcointalk was semi-complicit in the exploitation of early investors or cryptocurrency enthusiasts by mere existence.

BitcoinTalk: A Primary Bitcoin Forum Since 2013

The better angels brought about by greater mainstream recognition of Bitcoin and other competitor cryptocurrencies has led to a general stabilization of the sentiments of the community. New actors are stepping in, better funded actors and with more funds come more thoughtful professionals who are contributing to the 2017 overhaul of public perception of cryptocurrencyBITCOINTALK is certainly a mainline in the stream of consciousness of the cryptocurrency community, both then and now.

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