Associated With Homero Josh Garza Ponzi Scheme Presents Itself Nicely

But did you know it was claimed to be owned by failed entrepreneur (or far, far, worse depending on who you ask) crypto-thug Homero Josh Garza? I would have just called him Homer because his crypto-scam exploits hurt a young community with his buffoonish attempts at scamming people (in a business where you could have made far more money NOT scamming them- what a ‘tard).

At one time the criminal mastermind (LOL appropriate) of GAW Mining he now is making monthly payments on a $12 million dollar Securities and Exchange Commission securities fraud penalty. The less than venerable man is also purported to be the owner of a frail and aging ISP system somewhere in the northeast (probably got FCC problems too). Josh Homero Garza was a verifiable crypto-scammer who once ran the hilariously named “Geniuses at Work” faux-cloud-mining consortium. Simply Google this for the full drama but it was worth a few LOLs to mention the association since covered his SEC securities fraud fine.

Long story short he over sold hash-rate compared to what he actually owned. SEC fined him $12 million US dollars and he’s probably still hiding out somewhere. Check it out on the domain he once claimed to own.

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