About HashRate.org: A Provider of Cryptocurrency Information

From the admin:

Hashrate.org attempts to provide useful information and news for the emergent financial technology sector (cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and more). The author has been involved in cryptocurrencies as an observer and investor for about three years. Like many it began for me with physical SHA256 and Scrypt ASICs in my home and became a passionate interest. I first noticed Bitcoin’s existence at $13.50 (that was more than 3 years ago- alas!) but wrote it off (oops!). I came back to it at $400-$600. It skyrocketed to $1600 then was hit with the Mt. Gox fiasco and crashed down to $180. Those were dark times at $180! So whatever happens, hang in there! Its a highly disruptive industry and there is REAL potential here.

Due Diligence Warning: Do your own research!

The intent here is to provide good information with limited (though some) monetizing. Unlike many cryptocurrency blogs I won’t simply refer you to whoever pays the most commission. I prefer to recommend entities that are established for at least several years and has a good track record. In any case please use due diligence and research everything yourself before making decisions.

Don’t listen to one source 100%. Never do it. Even if the source is trustworthy, they can be wrong! That includes HashRate.org. We accept no responsibility for your actions and never invest more than you can afford to lose! In cryptocurrencies it pays to be careful, exercise caution, be disciplined, and smart! Draw your information from a variety of sources at all times.