Disabled GPUs on Windows

A system with multiple GPUs can encounter a number of problems. Several problems can arise when multiple GPUs are installed on a Windows system. Rebooting to find all GPUs disabled is the most common problem. You may find you can enable only several of your GPUs before they are all disabled again. The most common fix for this is to increase the size of the virtual memory or “page file”. Setting your initial page file size to 16384MB or more is the most common solution.

Increase Page File Size

  1. From “Control Panel” select “System”
  2. On the left of the window select “Advanced System Settings”
  3. “Advanced” tab
  4. “Performance” button (you can optionally disabled performance effects at this step)
  5. “Advanced” tab of “Performance Options”
  6. Under “Virtual memory” click the “Change” button
  7. Deselect “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”
  8. Select the “custom size” radio button
  9. For “Initial Page File Size” enter 16384MB (some people recommend more for theoretical performance gains in NiceHash Miner but 16384MB should be enough to re-enable all the GPUs)
  10. Repeat 16384MB for “Maximum Page File Size”
  11. Click the “Set” button and reboot

If the problem persists after reboot you may need to update the BIOS of your motherboard or do a number of other things. 9 out of 10 times the page file increase solves the problem of disabled GPUs with no further action necessary.

Altcoin Trading Discord Chats

A popular altcoin trading trend lately has been the Discord pump and dump group.Lately large altcoin “pump and dump” groups have gained popularity. John McAfee has even been accused of giving pump signals via his Twitter! Discord pumping groups are very popular and invites are found all over Bitcointalk.org, crypto-related subreddits, and other forums are full of pump group Discord invites. Its a good idea to avoid participating in these since once you receive a “signal” the pump orchestrators have already set their sell orders. Most of these invites are sent out by people getting affiliate benefits in the group based on how many people they refer to the pump group (earlier access to signals). At best you may succeed occasionally but really you are just pumping up the price for the people running the pump so its best to avoid these.